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Travel without worries?
Have your luggage delivered!

Forget about carrying suitcases, golf or ski equipment, and the long queues at check-in. Let us pick up your luggage from your home and deliver it to your destination.

  • No more carrying luggage
  • Free cancellation (up to 36 hours in advance)
  • 100% controlled

What a great service! The suitcases are picked up at home and brought to the destination. The employees of bagbooking who collect the bags are very friendly

Isabelle Wansbeek

Why carry your luggage?

No hassle with luggage at check-in.

Let’s be honest… queues, carrying baggage, and an overcrowded trunk. Who still wants to deal with that? If you’re traveling with small children or if you’re a bit older, you deserve more comfort.

Experience the vacation vibe right from the start.

magine the sheer bliss of having someone else handle your luggage while you embark on your journey. With us, your travel adventure begins the moment you hand us your luggage. Discover the convenience of BagBooking and indulge in a worry-free travel experience

De Bagbooking transporter haalt je koffers op

Door to door

We transport your luggage from your home to your destination. And back again. No matter where you are travelling within the EU.

Safe and secure

We pick up your suitcase right from your doorstep, carefully pack and transport your baggage, 100% safe and controlled. Along the way, we keep you informed about the route your luggage is taking.

Enjoy travelling

No hassle with luggage at check-in

Let’s be honest… queues, lugging around suitcases. Who wants to deal with that anymore? If you’re traveling with small children or if you’re a bit older, you deserve better.

Vacation feeling from the moment you hand us your luggage.

How great would it be if someone else takes care of your luggage? Then your vacation begins the moment you close the door behind us.

How it works

1. Book online

Easily book the transportation of your luggage through our website.

After the booking, you will receive a confirmation via email. You don’t have to do anything else.

2. We pick up your luggage

At a time of your choice, we will pick up your luggage before your departure.

You let us know which time slot suits you best. We will keep you informed of our arrival via your phone

3. We deliver your luggage to your destination

Even before you arrive at your destination, your luggage will be ready for you.

The return journey is just as easy. We will pick up your luggage abroad and bring it back home.

This is what other travelers have to say

Traveling and luggage are inseparable. It often causes quite a bit of concern, and recently it has become stressful to bring luggage during your journey, as demonstrated at Schiphol Airport. Bagbooking takes away that stress by transporting your luggage from home to your destination. No stress, just carry-on luggage, and no long waiting times at the airport for retrieving your baggage.

Frank Oostdam – Chairman/Director ANVR

Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station offers the “door to door luggage service” of Bagbooking for all guests, who travel through our hotel in Amsterdam Europe. In this way we can provide our guests with an extra premium service.

Cindy Nijholt | Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam

What a great service! The suitcases are picked up at home and brought to the destination. The employees of bagbooking who collect the bags where very friendly. Things are handled well and with care. No more hassle with our suitcases at the airport. I really recommend everyone to use this service.

Isabelle Wansbeek

How nice is it that Bagbooking can deliver the luggage to the holiday address, separately from the trip. The customer enjoys the comfort of outsourcing the transport of the luggage.

Anton Heinemans – Eigenaar Villasud

Superb! Efficient. Helpful. Kind and very fast. I will definitely recommend this service. I also think you should get a promotion for go finding solutions to the problems. Efficient, creative. The best!


With years of experience in the hotel industry, I can’t recall any easier luggage pick-up service.Instruction was very clear and easy to follow.Delivery as well as pick-up on time and without any issues.I can only highly recommend this service to anyone.

Elisabeth Schartner – Adler resort

No waiting at check-in, no waiting for your suitcase upon arrival, but on to your final destination in 1 go. Suitcase is neatly picked up at home (in a time slot) after which it is neatly sealed in a box.

Olof Verweij

Your assurances

  • Your luggage is packed in a sealed box
  • Labels for departure and return are included
  • Luggage drop-off takes place based on identity verification
  • You don’t need to book baggage space on your flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

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