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Bagbooking for Business

Welcome to “Bagbooking for Businesses,” the solution for efficient luggage transport within various business sectors such as travel agencies, hotels, MICE companies, and the aviation industry. We offer a streamlined door-to-door luggage service that not only saves time but also reduces costs, allowing your customers to travel worry-free. Discover how we can optimize your business operations.

For Online Travel Agencies

Unlock a new revenue stream and enhance your value proposition with Bagbooking. Offer your customers a unique service that not only saves time and money but also transforms their travel experience. The luggage service provides a perfect complement to your existing services.

  • Enrich your ancillary portfolio
  • Save costs for your customers
  • Earn more on every piece of luggage shipped
  • Professional and easy to integrate via API or I-Frame solution.

Discover the possibilities of partnering with Bagbooking.


For Travel Agents and Travel Agencies

Enhance your customers’ travel experience with Bagbooking. Whether they travel by train, car, or plane, we take care of their luggage with our unique door-to-door service.

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Offer your customers a unique travel experience
  • Save your customers 5 hours of travel time and travel costs
  • Earn commission on every piece of luggage

Become a Bagbooking partner and stand out from the crowd. Sign up for a business account at and start offering this revolutionary service today.

For Hotels

Hotels now have the unique opportunity to join the Bagbooking partner network at no cost. Increase guest satisfaction and offer your guests an additional service that makes their travel experience unforgettable.

  • Experience a uplift in guest satisfaction of approximately 60%.
  • Provide your guests with a unique travel experience
  • Save your guests travel costs
  • Incentivize direct bookings
  • Available to all guests from the Netherlands and Germany

Become a partner of Bagbooking, integrate our service into your standard offering, and see your guest satisfaction increase immediately. Register for a business account and start improving your guests’ travel experience today.

For Group travel

magine a carefree journey, where every piece of luggage seamlessly travels from door to hotel door, without the hassle of queues or missing bags. That is what Bagbooking offers to MICE companies, sports clubs, wedding planners, and event organizations. Optimize your group travel with our streamlined luggage service.

  • Get more out of your program, save 10 hours of travel time on a round trip.
  • Differentiate your offer from the competition, offer travel convenience
  • Save costs: often cheaper than low-cost carriers.
  • Flexible travel days, no hassle with carry-on luggage, and straight to your program without a stop at the hotel

Ready to transform the travel experience and save yourself time? Contact us to start a partnership or request a booking directly. Start planning your carefree group trip today!

For the Aviation Industry

Enhance the travel experience of your passengers by radically innovating baggage handling. With Bagbooking, airlines and airports can enjoy reduced baggage loads and streamlined operations.

  • Reduce dependence on airport operational performance by diverting baggage outside the airport.
  • Fully compliant with international logistics regulations, ensuring safe and traceable baggage handling.

Innovate and improve the customer experience at your airport. Contact us at for a groundbreaking partnership in baggage management.

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