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Shipping your luggage

Luggage can be a burden, not only in terms of weight but also mentally. Say goodbye to the hassle of lugging heavy suitcases, freeing up your hands for your children or bringing along special equipment. All of this is possible when you ship your luggage.

The convenience of shipping your luggage

You’re eager to go on vacation or travel, but you dread the hassle that comes with baggage. It’s already causing you stress before your journey even begins.

  • How will I get to the airport with all those suitcases? Will they fit in the car?
  • I’m already dreading the task of hauling those heavy suitcases around.
  • Will I have to pay extra?
  • How can I bring my luggage with me at the destination? Will it fit in the rental car?
  • How do I manage carrying both luggage and children?
  • I’m getting older; can my partner and I handle that heavy luggage?

Perhaps you’re also concerned about these things and want to ship your luggage because it’s easier and relieves you of worries. Maybe you’re specifically looking for the option to ship your luggage because you want to bring special items. Or perhaps you want to send luggage that you don’t trust with the rough handlers at the airport and ensure that your belongings make the journey safely. Whatever your motivation may be for shipping your luggage, Bagbooking has got you covered!

The benefits of shipping your luggage

First and foremost, convenience! Can you imagine going on your trip without worrying about your luggage? That’s truly carefree vacationing. Enjoy your holiday from day one.

Shipping luggage offers more advantages than just convenience:

  • No more carrying, lifting, or dragging heavy suitcases.
  • You can easily travel by public transportation, saving you costly parking fees.
  • If you’re traveling by plane, you don’t need to book additional baggage. That saves you money as well.
  • No hassle at the airport during baggage check-in.
  • No waiting for your luggage upon arrival.
  • No fear of your luggage not appearing on the baggage carousel.
  • You can bring luggage that you wouldn’t have been able to bring otherwise.
  • You won’t lose your luggage; you can track it all the way to your destination.
  • Traveling with children suddenly becomes enjoyable. You have your hands free.
  • If you’re older or less mobile, Bagbooking allows you to go on that trip.

Luggage-free travel by plane, car, or train

Most people associate shipping luggage with the long queues at check-in counters at the airport. Or waiting at the baggage carousel while your suitcase has gone missing and never appears on the belt. However, shipping your luggage also offers many advantages if you’re traveling by means other than the plane.

For example, if you plan to go on a road trip but your car isn’t large enough for all your luggage. Or if you don’t want to rent a car just for your baggage at the destination. Or perhaps you prefer traveling by train but don’t want to lug your luggage around, sit in corridors because you can’t fit your luggage in the compartment, or constantly keep an eye on your belongings.

Shipping your luggage offers you numerous benefits, regardless of your mode of transportation. It provides you with much more freedom.

Shipping luggage abroad or to your vacation address? It’s easy!

Shipping your luggage is as straightforward as it sounds. You can ship your luggage abroad with Bagbooking as long as your destination is within an EU country. You can send your luggage to your vacation address or simply to a destination within your own country. Booking the shipment of your luggage is easy via our website.

What kind of luggage can you ship?

Bagbooking provides standard-sized boxes in which you can ship your luggage. However, if your luggage doesn’t fit in those boxes, we’re happy to ensure that your luggage is ready for you at the destination.

You can ship the following types of luggage:

  • Suitcases
  • Skis, ski boots, and ski bags
  • Snowboard
  • Golf bags

Note: Not everything can be shipped. If your luggage crosses international borders, there are regulations your baggage must comply with, including rules for liquids. Please read what is allowed and what is not.

What size and weight of luggage can I ship?

Bagbooking offers shipping for your luggage in the following standard-sized boxes:

  • Standard suitcase 22 kg: dimensions 44 x 67 x 26 cm
  • Large suitcase 28 kg: dimensions 51 x 77 x 32 cm
  • Extra-large suitcase 30 kg: dimensions 58 x 84 x 36 cm
  • Golf bag: maximum dimensions 114 x 40 x 39 cm
  • Ski equipment: maximum dimensions 185 x 35 x 15 cm

If you need to ship luggage that doesn’t fit in our standard sizes, please contact us.

How does shipping your luggage work?

Traveling without luggage has never been easier. Here’s how it works:

  1. Plan your trip. If you’re traveling by plane, you don’t need to book (checked) baggage.
  2. Book the pickup service. We’ll come to your home to collect your luggage.
  3. We ship your luggage ahead.
  4. Your luggage will be waiting for you upon arrival at your destination.
  5. When you’re heading back home, we’ll take care of your luggage again.
  6. We’ll deliver your luggage back to your home.

This is what other travelers have to say

Traveling and luggage are inseparable. It often causes quite a bit of concern, and recently it has become stressful to bring luggage during your journey, as demonstrated at Schiphol Airport. Bagbooking takes away that stress by transporting your luggage from home to your destination. No stress, just carry-on luggage, and no long waiting times at the airport for retrieving your baggage.

Frank Oostdam – Chairman/Director ANVR

Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station offers the “door to door luggage service” of Bagbooking for all guests, who travel through our hotel in Amsterdam Europe. In this way we can provide our guests with an extra premium service.

Cindy Nijholt | Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam

What a great service! The suitcases are picked up at home and brought to the destination. The employees of bagbooking who collect the bags where very friendly. Things are handled well and with care. No more hassle with our suitcases at the airport. I really recommend everyone to use this service.

Isabelle Wansbeek

How nice is it that Bagbooking can deliver the luggage to the holiday address, separately from the trip. The customer enjoys the comfort of outsourcing the transport of the luggage.

Anton Heinemans – Eigenaar Villasud

Superb! Efficient. Helpful. Kind and very fast. I will definitely recommend this service. I also think you should get a promotion for go finding solutions to the problems. Efficient, creative. The best!


With years of experience in the hotel industry, I can’t recall any easier luggage pick-up service.Instruction was very clear and easy to follow.Delivery as well as pick-up on time and without any issues.I can only highly recommend this service to anyone.

Elisabeth Schartner – Adler resort

No waiting at check-in, no waiting for your suitcase upon arrival, but on to your final destination in 1 go. Suitcase is neatly picked up at home (in a time slot) after which it is neatly sealed in a box.

Olof Verweij

The cost of sending luggage

The costs depend on the travel distance and how we can reach your destination. The luggage collection service costs starts from € 79 for a trip within the EU. Keep in mind that you also save a lot of costs by sending your luggage. Such as booking luggage for your flight, reserving a rental car, driving a larger car especially for the holidays, saving on parking costs… All in all, sending your luggage is an affordable alternative and provides you with a much more relaxed journey.

Want to experience the convenience of traveling without luggage?

Would you like to go on vacation without the hassle of carrying luggage? Ship your luggage! Check the price and book directly.

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