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Terms of Delivery

1. Definitions

Bagbooking is a trade name of Travel Experience B.V., Chamber of Commerce number 71252630, with registered address: Wibautstraat 131D, 1091 GL Amsterdam. The sender is the (legal) person who books the transportation of luggage with Bagbooking or on behalf of whom a booking is made. A booking refers to the individual booking of the transportation of one or more pieces of luggage. A consumer is a natural person who does not act for purposes related to their trade, business, craft, or professional activity. The recipient is the person to whom the shipment must be delivered at the destination. This can be the sender or a person designated by the sender. The counterparty is any (legal) person who enters into an agreement with Bagbooking.

2. Applicability of Terms of Delivery

2.1 These Delivery Terms are part of every legal relationship between Bagbooking and the counterparty. They apply to every agreement and every offer to enter into an agreement with Bagbooking.

2.2 The Delivery Terms also apply to every individual booking. If the sender is different from the counterparty, these terms also apply between Bagbooking and the sender. In that case, the counterparty and the sender are jointly and severally liable for all obligations of the sender arising from these general terms and conditions.

2.3 The applicability of the counterparty’s general terms and conditions is expressly rejected.3. Services

3. Services

3.1 Bagbooking arranges the transportation of luggage. Bagbooking does not do this directly but enters into one or more transportation agreements with an international package carrier (hereinafter referred to as “the package carrier”).

4. Booking – Obligations of the Sender

4.1 The shipment must comply with the prescribed requirements regarding maximum weight and allowed dimensions. These can be found on the Bagbooking website. If the shipment does not comply with these requirements, Bagbooking is entitled to refuse the shipment – even after the execution of the agreement has started – and/or charge additional costs. Additionally, the shipment must comply with the protective box(es) size (S/M/L) chosen by the sender. If, upon pickup, it turns out that the luggage does not fit in the protective box (for example, M was ordered but L is needed), Bagbooking cannot be held responsible. In that case, Bagbooking reserves the right to charge additional costs to the sender and will try to reach a separately paid solution in consultation with the sender.

4.2 Bagbooking’s services are limited to the transportation of luggage for private or business travel purposes. The sender is not allowed to offer shipments for transportation for other purposes, such as commercial trade. Any customs duties or other costs related to customs formalities are at the expense of the sender and are not included in the rate.

4.3 The value of the shipment per suitcase, including its contents, must not exceed €3,500 (note: this is not the amount that will be compensated in case of damage or loss; Bagbooking’s liability is limited to a lower amount, see Art. 6.1). Valuable goods such as gemstones, precious metals, jewelry, money, art objects, and important documents such as passports are not suitable for shipping through Bagbooking. Such goods must not be offered for transportation. If they are, they are entirely at the sender’s risk.

4.4 The sender warrants that the shipment does not contain goods listed as prohibited and/or dangerous goods (current version can be consulted on the Bagbooking website).

4.5 The sender warrants that the information provided to Bagbooking regarding the goods is correct and that the offered shipment is suitable for transportation. For the return journey, the sender presents the shipment in the box(es) provided by Bagbooking.

4.6 The sender must also comply with Bagbooking’s guidelines regarding the presentation of luggage for transportation through Bagbooking. These guidelines can be consulted on the Bagbooking website.

4.7 The sender warrants that the intended transportation (by air or road) of the shipment does not violate national or international regulations, including but not limited to regulations to combat drug smuggling or smuggling of cultural goods. The sender also warrants that the shipment is not prohibited by IATA, ICAO, IMDG, or ADR.

4.8 Bagbooking and/or the respective package carrier have the right but not the obligation to verify compliance with the preceding provisions, even if the contents of the shipment have been provided during the booking. The sender is aware that the content of a shipment may also be subject to inspection by authorities.

5. Execution of the booking

5.1 The package carrier receives the shipment at the pickup location specified by the sender, preferably within the time frame indicated by Bagbooking for receipt. The sender ensures that the shipment is ready for pickup on the ground floor within this time frame.

5.2 Before accepting the shipment, the package carrier requests identification from the sender for verification purposes. This ID must match the ID in the booking confirmation. If the sender does not personally make the delivery but arranges for it to be done by, for example, a household member, their ID will be recorded and checked against the photo. This person must also sign the delivery receipt.

5.3 The sender receives a delivery receipt from the package carrier with a unique BAG code. This BAG code is also stated in the booking confirmation. Both the sender and the package carrier sign this delivery receipt.

5.4 If the shipment cannot be accepted due to the sender’s actions, a new appointment is not automatically scheduled. In this case, the sender must contact Bagbooking. Bagbooking reserves the right to charge additional costs to the sender, up to the amount indicated in the booking confirmation for the total shipment.

5.5 Delivery at the destination takes place, as much as possible, within the time frame indicated on the booking confirmation. The sender warrants that the shipment can be delivered to the recipient within this time frame.

5.6 Delivery to the reception of the delivery location is considered delivery to the recipient.

5.7 If the shipment cannot be delivered within the specified time frame due to the recipient’s actions, Bagbooking has the discretion to reschedule the delivery or transport the shipment back to the sender (at the address where the shipment was received). Bagbooking will charge the additional costs to the sender.

5.8 If delivery to the recipient is not possible, and Bagbooking fails to establish contact with the sender within 30 days or if the sender refuses to cover the additional costs, Bagbooking has the right to (have) the shipment destroyed.

6. Loss, damage, or delay

6.1 In case of loss or damage, Bagbooking’s liability is limited to a maximum of €300 per piece of luggage. To receive compensation for damage or loss of luggage, the sender is obliged to justify the actual value and/or the contents. Bagbooking is not liable for damage if the sender has not used the provided box supplied by Bagbooking.

6.2 In the event of a delay of more than one day upon delivery at the destination (outbound journey), Bagbooking will provide appropriate compensation.

6.3 In all other cases, Bagbooking’s liability is limited to the amount equal to the price of the booking. Bagbooking is never liable for consequential damages, such as the costs of alternative transportation, temporary replacement, or loss of use, unless there is willful intent or gross negligence on the part of Bagbooking or its employees.

6.4 Any damage must be reported to Bagbooking in writing as soon as possible after discovery but no later than 7 days after (scheduled) delivery or discovery. Bagbooking is not obliged to consider late damage reports.

6.5 Bagbooking is not liable for any damage or delay resulting from force majeure. Force majeure includes any circumstances beyond the control of Bagbooking that prevent or hinder the fulfillment of an obligation, including, for example, strikes, government measures, actions by customs, police, or other regulatory or governmental authorities, a pandemic, as well as national or local disruptions of the ground or air network and/or traffic, or actions by the airline or airport operator.

7. Payment Terms

7.1 Payment is made in advance on Bagbooking’s website, via iDEAL or credit card.

7.2 The following applies to consumer senders. If the sender fails to meet their payment obligation on time, after Bagbooking has notified the sender of the late payment and granted the sender a period of 14 days to fulfill their payment obligations, if payment is not made within this 14-day period, the sender is liable for statutory interest on the outstanding amount and Bagbooking is entitled to charge extrajudicial collection costs incurred by Bagbooking. These collection costs amount to a maximum of 15% on outstanding amounts up to €2,500, 10% on the subsequent €2,500, and 5% on the next €5,000, with a minimum of €40.

7.3 The following applies to non-consumer senders. If the sender fails to meet their payment obligation on time, they are immediately in default and liable for statutory commercial interest on the outstanding amount. Bagbooking is also entitled to charge extrajudicial collection costs incurred by Bagbooking.

8. Additional Terms

8.1 Bagbooking will process all personal information it obtains for the purpose of entering into or performing an agreement or booking, or otherwise providing services to the counterparty, as the data controller, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

8.2 Bagbooking’s privacy policy applies to the processing of data by Bagbooking, which can be accessed at

9. Additional Terms

9.1 Cancellation or modification of a booking is only possible up to 36 hours prior to the agreed pickup time. After this deadline, Bagbooking reserves the right to charge additional costs to the sender, amounting to €25, including VAT, per shipment.

9.2 Personal data of the sender will be processed by Bagbooking in accordance with the privacy statement on the website.

10. Applicable Law and Disputes

10.1 Dutch law applies to all agreements to which these Delivery Terms apply.

10.2 All disputes between Bagbooking and the sender will be exclusively submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands.