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Our 7 promises

Bagbooking believes in a future of carefree travel without the hassle of checked baggage. We understand that your holiday is about relaxation, not about dragging suitcases, hours-long queues (check-in counter and baggage claim) and unexpected costs. Frustrations that are no longer part of traveling.

We therefore transform and improve your travel experience with our “7 Bagbooking Promises.” Prepare for a stress-free holiday!

1. Security

Your luggage is guaranteed to arrive.

We at Bagbooking are specialized in transporting luggage. We think your personal items are important. That is why we always ensure that your luggage arrives.

2. Affordable

No more baggage fees on your flight.

Taking your luggage with you during your flight is increasingly disappointing in terms of price. Fortunately, you can eliminate these costs. In most cases we are cheaper than an airline.

3. Skip the line

No more waiting at check-in or the baggage carousel.

There is no longer a long line at check-in or hoping that your suitcase will be one of the first on the baggage carousel. We ensure that you can enjoy your holiday destination sooner.

4. Extra space

Going on a vacation by car? Always extra space.

The car is less full, so you save on fuel and an extra person can come along.

5. Service

Someone is always available to assist you.

Luggage with personal items. You sometimes have a question about that. That is why there is always someone available to assist you.

6. From door to door

We pick up your luggage and deliver it back home after your holiday.

When it suits you, we will collect your luggage from your home or at another location of your choice. We will also do this for you on the way back and deliver it to your home.

7. 100% safe

Your luggage is packed and transported under supervision.

We pack your luggage in a protective box so that the outside is also safe. We always keep an eye on your luggage so that you can enjoy the anticipation.

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